Fence Screens & Hangar Tents

Fabric shade shelters, much like our canopy-style hangars, can be found in business parks and industries around the world. When equipments and machinery sits on an open space, the sun heats its metals surface to unbearable degrees – in fact, the machine becomes too hot to even touch, making it impossible for operators, technicians and mechanics to perform maintenance on them.

Fabric shelters also provide protection against rain, hail stones and other inclement weather. This extends the life of the equipments and preserves its paint and essential components.

Benefits of Industrial Shade

Fabric shelters and sunshades from Shelter Tents have proven successful protecting a range of equipments. Intense heat and temperature reduction. fabric shelters block the sun and reduce temperature by as much as 71 degrees on your machinery. By doing so, sunshades serve to increase operators and maintenance crew productivity, as well as worker comfort.

Corrosion reduction

Five times less corrosion occurs when your equipment are protected from rain and dew.

Foundation flexibility

Our fabric shelters are adaptable to almost any surface, including dirt, uneven surfaces and sloped foundations. Our sunshades are designed for quick, easy assembly and disassembly. With modular design, they can be relocated in components or we can customize a system for relocation that’s automated.