We install high quality Carports (shades). These are perfect solutions that protects your car from effects of the weather such as sunshine and rain.

The carports come in different sizes

Length Width Height
1 Car 3 m 5.5 m 3 m
2 Cars 5 m 5.5 m 3 m
3 Cars 7.5 m 5.5 m 3 m

Cantilever Shade Structures

Typical uses for the cantilever-semi shade structure design are corporate covered parking, carports for condominium parking, carports for off-site airport covered parking, shade for car lots, carports for rental car covered parking, and any other application requiring a shade structure for property and assets.

Shade Structures for Auto Dealerships

Shelter Tents offer an excellent product to protect vehicles in open car lots at dealerships from sun and hail damage. Our beautifully designed shade structures increase curb appeal by attracting customers to your car lot with the eye catching colors and vibrant shapes. Use fabric canopies to draw attention to your car of the month or specials and attract customers.

Our tensile membrane structures not only give sturdy strong armor to hail stones, they also provide cooler atmospheres underneath as shade netting is porous and enable hot air to escape making it 15 degrees cooler than regular steel roofed canopies. Customers enjoy test driving cooler vehicles parked under shade canopies giving a more pleasant car shopping experience.

Protect your car from extreme weather elements